A Geek’s Holiday Gift Guide

A Geek’s Holiday Gift Guide¬†

I love the holidays and I love giving gifts, but it can also be stressful, especially if you have a tight budget or the person has a “particular taste”. So that’s where I come in! I’ve created a travel holiday gift guide to help you master the holiday season versus staying hidden in a dungeon.

A Geek's Travel Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Scratch off world map so you can scratch off all the places you’ve been
  2. Make sure no one suspects you’re hiding droids with this Star Wars luggage tag
  3. Be a professional photographer with this phone lens kit
  4. Be a hero by bringing a collapsible water bottle to the airport
  5. GoPro Hero 6, is one of my favorite cameras to capture life’s adventures
  6. There’s no wonder why Ready Player One is becoming a movie, it’s an amazing read!
  7. Pocket size Totoro umbrellas are perfect to carry when traveling
  8. Keep your chargers and cords organized with this Star Wars zip bag
  9. Tote around loot in this stylish Disney canvas bag
  10. This Bombshells passport cover makes a statement
  11. Connect Lego key chains on bags or keys
  12. One of my favorite travel companions is the Popsocket!
  13. Have a carry-on that says you love the 90s with this Nickelodeon bag
  14. Drown out the noise around you and only sense the force with some Star Wars headphones
  15. Create a masterpiece with the Surface Pro

Now kick back, relax, and drink some hot cocoa you filthy animal.