Hello! I’m Kayla and welcome to my adventure site.

I created this page to have a creative outlet for all the things I love in hopes to share with people who have similar interests.

Back in April 2017 I went on my first overseas trip to Europe and upon returning I felt sad. Maybe it was returning back to the day to day routine or not having anything else to look forward to because trust me I love to plan. So here I am, in search for travel tips and advice to share with you. Getting out there exploring new places and sometimes maybe not. Let’s face it, we all wish we had the cash to travel all we want but sometimes that’s not the case. So on those down times we can cope together by finding new things to do and to keep our minds adventurous.

Flash to the past

One of my earlier birthdays, properly themed Hunchback of Notre Dame, I received a VHS that would soon be one of my favorites. Fox’s release of My Neighbor Totoro, which started my love for Studio Ghibli and probably my obsession with the “geeky” stuff. So yeah, I have always been known to be a bit odd or goofy, maybe because I’m a day dreamer and living in a fantasy vs the real world but I don’t mind.

Oh, and that one guy you may see from time to time, his name is Joey and he’s my companion in life.

Well that kinda sums me up, let me know if you have any questions. I love making new friends and I’m glad you’re here.